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2017 - 2020

Under my bed (and I’m sure under many artists beds) among the tissues and the cobwebs and silverfish, is an ever growing stack of drawings that have accumulated over the years. Most of these drawings were made throughout my time at art school, yet have now become neglected in an unintentional time capsule. What better time than amidst a COVID-19 lockdown, to reveal these drawings for a moment of thought, before attacking them with sandpaper and erasers.

I see this project as a prompt, as a process, and as a liberating form of reflection. I do not know where these drawings will end up - probably under the bed again. But hey, let’s see what happens.

I have been relatively short on supplies lately, so thank you to the local Hobart art supply stores for your excellent home delivery services, I am now well stocked on erasers. Thank you to myself and my short attention span for never finishing that chopping board so I could have so much leftover sandpaper.

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