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Beneath the Sticks

Beneath the sticks lays a barren landscape, still warm, and crumbling beneath me.

The bushfire season leaves its mark on the outskirts of Geeveston, Tasmania.

Fallen branches cover the ground, the ashy earth crumbles before me. The land is left desolate, fragile, and held witness to its own collapse.

Marks are drawn, scanned and layered, revealing the ruin and vulnerability of the landscape, and its endurance throughout a constant state of flux.




​​Beneath the Sticks was exhibited as a finalist in the 2019 Hadley's Art Prize, at the Hadley's Orient Hotel, Hobart. Judged by Raymond Arnold, Jane Clark, and Susan McCulloch OAM.




​Beneath the Sticks was also exhibited as a finalist, receiving an 'Honourary Mention'  in the 2019 Agendo Award, at the David Williams Gallery, Camberwell Grammar School, Melbourne 2019.  Judged by Robert Haysom, Kevin Boyd, Phil Davey and David Williamson.




Fourfoot Rd. was exhibited as a finalist and received an 'Honourary Mention' in the 2019 Henry Jones Art Prize, at the Henry Jones Art Hotel, Hobart. Judged by W Nevin Hurst, Dr Sue Lovegrove and Nigel Hewitt.

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