Engagements with Twilight 2017

Golden light seeps through the cracks in the sky. 

It shimmers through your hair and it paints your skin,

and then it disappears and the sky is cold and blue.

It touches your skin and you become fleshy, 

veins and blood come to the surface,


and highlight the fact

That you are alive and could be dead,

like when the sun slips behind the hill.


Engagement 8 was exhibited as a finalist in the 2018 National Photographic Portraiture Prize, National Portrait Gallery, Canberra 2018 - National Touring exhibition destinations included the Yarra Ranges Regional Museum, Yarra ranges Victoria, the Hamilton Gallery, Hamilton Victoria, the Bay Discovery Centre, Glenelg South Australia, and the Glasshouse Regional Gallery, Port Macquarie New South Wales

Engagement 8 was also exhibited as a finalist in the 2018 Hutchins Australian Contemporary Art Prize, Brooke Street Pier, Hobart 2018. Judged by Pat Brassington, Dr Peter Hill and Dr Edward Colless